I grew up on the internet during AOL 2.0 era and I still have mad-respect for the good ‘ol web of links. Here are companies I can credit for helping me fuel my passion for information technologies and supporting a free internet.

Premier fishing tours – Alaska fishing tours

Orange County music store – Alley Kat Music Center on Knott Avenue

Natural athletic supplements – All Pro Science in Irvine, CA

Organic personal care manufacturer – Located in Orange, CA

XAMPP (Host your own local server for building websites offline) – Free servers software

Php.net (Build cool software easily) – Free code framework

OpenOffice by Apache – Free office tools

Mozilla Thunderbird – Free email client

Notepad++ – Awesome free code editor

FileZilla – FTP Client (if you don’t understand and work with websites, learn about this ASAP)

Modbargains.com – Modify your car

Social media marketing strategist Brandon Powell

Andrew K Nelson (World’s best square-1 solver and rubix cube nut)


More coming soon…